Because we’re straight talking no-nonsense professionals who offer exactly what you want:

Peace of mind, looking after your investment
Efficient property management – no jargon, no hassle
Designated staff to manage all maintenance and ensuring compliance and safety
No hidden charges – Clear and conscience shared information

Guaranteed Rent with us, takes the hassle out of renting. We offer contracts between one to five years where you receive a fixed rental amount each month, irrespective if your property is occupied or vacant. During this time, we take away the management and all aspects of letting, re-letting, inspections, tenant and utility bill management.

Vesture becomes your tenant and the contract is between you and us directly for our commitment to you and your property alike.


Our years of experience, contacts and knowledge of the local rental market give us the tools to offer good value service to our Landlords in areas within the M25 motorway.

We do not believe in big and fancy branding, bold brash statements about how brilliant we are – Vesture and our staff are just normal everyday people.

No Management Fee

It is true that we do not charge you a management fee, and the rent we offer you is the net rent you are paid. But we are a business, and clearly we have to make our money.

We will receive rent from the tenant, company or local authority that we work with. You as the landlord are paid the agreed guaranteed rent and the difference is our profit to use on management and the maintenance we carry out during the time we manage your property.


We specialise in working with Local Authorities.

Sure, sometimes this can seem like a lot of hassle and expense. And that is where we come in, by taking away all letting aspects we also take away costs for minor maintenance and damages. It does all add up, that weekend decorating or running around to get a property ready for new tenants.

Saving you not just pounds, but hours.

100 %
Planned Monthly Income
£ 0
Unexpected Fees
Minimal Yearly Inspections
Tenant or Utility Bill Hassle